Spring Clean Green

Kills germs on contact' can also mean toxic chemicals in your home. Both bleach and vinegar kill mold, but only one of them poses a threat if accidentally swallowed. Chlorine bleach when mixed with ammonia (another common cleaning ingredient) releases poisonous gases into the air your family breathes. Most modern cleaning products are artificial creations based on age-old formulas that used natural ingredients. An alternative option to putting your long-term health and the environment at risk is to go back to basics. Look for 'green' and non-toxic cleaners or you can make your own cleaning supplies from a few items in your cupboards.

  • White distilled vinegar can be used to clean windows, kill mold, get rid of soap scum, and sanitize kitchen counters, cutting boards and coffee makers.
  • Baking Soda can be sprinkled to keep away garbage odors, added to a damp cloth to clean surfaces, combined with water to clean the bathroom, added to the litter box to prevent odors, and used to remove grease stains from the laundry.
  • Lemons smell refreshing and they are acidic for cleansing. They can be added to vinegar, used with salt to clean copper pans, poured on stains then scrubbed with baking soda, ground in the garbage disposal to freshen, and they can naturally bleach laundry dried in the sun.
  • Tea Tree Oil works to kill mold and mildew. Add two teaspoons to a spray bottle with two cups of water and shake to blend. Spray on anything with a musty smell, use on grout between tiles or on anything that needs antiseptic attention. Making your own cleaning supplies is safer, and ounce for ounce costs less than synthetic chemicals. Feel good about how you clean your home and the money you save!

"My idea of a superhero is someone who scrubs their own floors." - Bette Midler