Supercharge Your Metabolism

Your metabolism converts the food you eat into fuel to power your body and mind. This is a complicated chemical process, but it can be thought of simply as a burning fire. There are a few main ways to supercharge your metabolism through eating and physical activity.

Fuel Your Fire. Just as adding small twigs can keep a fire from dwindling down, eating small meals throughout the day can keep your metabolism gradually burning.

Burn Hotter. Physical activity is the accelerant that is most effective in keeping our metabolic fire burning. The best metabolism-boosting exercises are weight lifting and cardiovascular training.

Cardio Training. Cardiovascular workouts are effective on large muscle groups, as well as the heart and lungs. Running, biking, using the elliptical machine, swimming and dancing are all effective cardio workouts.

Weight Training. Muscles need calories to function, so increasing muscle density and size will naturally increase metabolism. Any amount of physical activity you add to your routine will stimulate your body and build muscle, thus increasing your metabolism. Take a walk during your lunch breaks, or start using that gym membership to fit in a short, convenient workout.