Boot Camp! - Why You Should Give It a Try

Looking for an exciting, effective fitness challenge? Boot camp workouts have recently been popping up all over the country. In spite of its name, you’ll find that the boot camp workout is simple, friendly and can fit most fitness levels.

What to expect: Boot camp is a group exercise held inside a gym or outdoors. A trainer will guide you through about a dozen different cardio and strength training exercises, with the use of equipment such as free weights and tension straps. After a minute or two of doing an exercise, the trainer will cue the participants to move on to the next one. You may go through about three full rotations called circuits, within a 45-minute session.

What you will gain: Boot camp is an all-over workout. If done regularly (one to five times a week), you’ll notice changes in your body. In about a month, you can potentially lose about 5% of your body fat, up to 10 lbs., and gain strength and endurance.

Remember safety: If you’re unaccustomed to exercise or have a medical condition or injury, talk to your health provider first. Let the trainer know of any injuries that you have, and don’t forget the water bottle!


  1. Personal training. A professional will help you reach your goals.
  2. Motivation.  You'll get an extra push to go that extra mile.
  3. Variety. Since the exercises may vary each session, it's always interesting.
  4. Camaraderie. You may make friends with people who share common fitness goals.
  5. Results.  If done consistently, you will get stronger and lose weight.

To get started, ask the folks at your local gym. They usually offer classes throughout the day, including early mornings and evenings.