Comfort Food Without Gaining Weight

We all crave comfort foods, but comfort foods don’t always have to lead to packing on the pounds. There are plenty of options that will satisfy your craving, while helping you to stay fit and healthy.

Soups are a go-to when searching for a warm meal. Many people opt for canned soup, which can be packed with harmful ingredients, like MSG, that promote weight gain. If you make your soups from scratch, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. Adding spinach to your homemade chicken noodle soup is a great option. The key is adding plenty of vegetables and using wheat noodles. White Bean Soup is an incredible option as well, because the filling is packed with fiber and has little fat. You can’t go wrong with Swiss chard, carrots, onions and white beans! Instead of bacon, use prosciutto. Substituting can make or break a meal. Soups aren’t the only meal that can be warm and relatively easy to make.

Stews are perfect to slow-cook while you relax by the fireplace. Opt for plenty of in season root vegetables, beans, and lean proteins. A healthy meal to make with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving is Turkey Chili with white beans. It’s chock full of fiber and protein. Make sure to freeze your leftovers. This will encourage you to eat the stews later. This year, don’t let winter get the best of you – get the best of it! Create your own recipes to keep you and your family warm and healthy

To watch a video to help you FIND A BALANCE when it comes to healthy eating and a healthy weight.

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