Hard Habit To Break

Breaking Bad Habits and Forming New Ones. Do you feel like you are a prisoner of your own habits? Are you so used to the behaviors that you repeat over and over that you feel hopeless to change them? The more you repeat the behavior, the stronger the habit becomes, so the best time to stop them is now. Start by looking at the pattern and what triggers the behavior. Become aware of what cause starts the act you want to change.

#1 DESIRE THE CHANGE. Work towards what you want to achieve rather than what you want to avoid. Focus on what you desire from your goals.

#2 BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. So many people don’t try because they haven’t been successful in the past. Have no doubt that you are in control of yourself and trust that your desire is strong enough to help you succeed.

#3 WRITE IT DOWN. Put your goals on paper to stay motivated and remind yourself of your initial desire. Think about how your life will change when you meet your goal.

#4 VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS. By imagining or visualizing yourself as you want to be, your brain will work to become what it sees. If you are overweight, picture yourself as you want to look, imagine what it would feel like to wear a pair of jeans you’ve longed to get into, or anticipate how light and energized you will feel when you meet your first goal.