Easy Exercise For Relieving Joint Pain

It may seem surprising, but certain exercises can actually alleviate aching joints caused by conditions like arthritis. How so? By strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints, you increase flexibility and help take stress off the joints. As long as you remember to warm up and ease yourself into a new exercise routine, you should start seeing immediate benefits.

The following exercises might just do the trick:

  • Range-of-motion exercises: yoga, tai chi, and other exercises that involve gentle stretching, keep joints and muscles flexible. Shoulder shrugs and torso rotations can also relieve stiffness.
  • Low-impact cardiovascular exercises: walking, biking, and swimming can do wonders for shedding those extra pounds that contribute to joint pain.
  • Resistance exercises: using free weights or resistance bands not only strengthens muscles but also builds up bone and cartilage in the joints. Pushups, squats, and leg lifts are other easy and effective exercises.