Better Health For Wealth

Taking care of your health, getting your preventive doctor visits and using the medical system wisely can effect your time and your wallet. Good health and financial success are more intertwined than you think. Healthy people tend to miss fewer workdays, be more motivated and stay in the workforce longer, which are all precursors to getting promoted. Preventive screening and well visits can help to keep people healthy, because checkups detect many conditions early enough to treat, with less invasive and costly procedures.

Quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking can be a financial benefit. A person in their mid 20’s who quits a pack a day habit could put the money that would have been spent on cigarettes into an account. A pack of cigarettes is estimated at $4 per pack. Multiply the cost of cigarettes by 40 years. Account for 8% growth and you will have saved $428,000. If greater wealth is a goal, don’t underestimate your state of health to get you there.