Create The Life You Want

Take a normal life with a rush of daily demands, parents of young children or children of aging parents, and add a potentially life-challenging situation. Whatever your circumstance, tools that help you relax, grow and flourish help you cope better with stress and create more of the life you want. Tools that do that are:
Social Connection - Make friends, strengthen current relationships or get the support of a group.
Learn to Stay Positive - Practice gratitude and avoid negative thoughts. Ask yourself how can I grow from this or is my relationship stronger because of it?
Exercise - It matters for your mood.
Help Others - Acts of kindness improve your happiness. So go out and do some good.
Sleep - It combats some of the fallout from stress.
Create Joy and Satisfaction - Life’s little pleasures can be few and far between, so cherish them and
make time for them.
Eat Well - Good food can boost your energy, provide fuel for the brain, and counteract the impact of stress. It can even affect mood-related body chemicals, so think of
those nutritious foods as an elixir.
Take Care of Your Spirit - Connect to whatever it is that you consider meaningful.
Deal Better with Hard Times - Writing out your problems can be an emotional release, but can also help to format
thoughts to tackle the situation. Source: Mental Health America