Which Road To Happiness?

The road to pleasure may seem like the right direction to find happiness. When you follow the road to pleasure it seems to maximize the things in life that feel nice and minimize the painful things. Pain cannot be eliminated from life. Pleasure is always temporary and may, in the end, become a source of pain. Pleasure can only last so long and then follows a period in which the 'fix' no longer brings the high, but is merely used to keep the pain away. The brain becomes used to old fixes such as sugary snacks, shopping and video games, the same way an addict requires larger and larger doses of the same drug. Thrills wear off, leading to cravings for newer and more exciting forms of stimulation. The real road to happiness can be found in the path of choices, values and beliefs.


  • Good Decisions that benefit everyone
  • Social relationships that support intimacy and bonding
  • Enjoyment in natural beauty
  • Peaceful reflection
  • Resolving conflicts, rather than building up resentment
  • Cultivating kindness and compassion

Next time you are looking for happiness in a bottle, a bun or wrapper, accept that happiness is already in you.


"Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way." - Dr. Seuss