Just A Glance

When is a quick look, flash, or even just a peek, life threatening? There are many times when being distracted can be dangerous, but none are as deadly as when driving. Distractions are anything that switches the driver’s attention from the road.

There are 3 main types of distractions and texting is the worst because it includes all three! Texting is the most dangerous distraction because it requires the driver to:

1. Take their eyes off the road.

2. Take their hands off the wheel.

3. Take their mind off the road.

Talking on phone, eating and drinking, talking with passengers or adjusting the radio, the brain can’t concentrate on two things at once. It’s not just a driver’s hands and eyes that need to pay attention, the mind needs to focus too. In today’s world of technology the best solution is to disconnect when behind the wheel.