Priority You, Making Exercise a Priority

In today’s society, everyone has a lot on his or her plate. We believe that every excuse that can get in the way of our exercise is valid. We are all busy trying to get more done in one day than is physically possible. This typically drops working out, to the bottom of the priority list. An excuse is really asking for forgiveness.

Valid excuses can be forgiven, but that doesn’t replace the benefits of physical activity on a regular basis. What are your top priorities? When you have to choose among several tasks, how do you decide what to cut out?

Weigh each task of the day based on what you expect from it, versus the time it takes to do it. For example, compare 30 minutes of exercise with 30 minutes of watching a television show.

A 30 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT: Manage weight 

• Boost energy Lower blood pressure Improve mood

• Relieve stress Feel better about self

30 MINUTE TV SHOW: Entertaining Opportunity to rest

Ask yourself when was the last time you traded one half-hour television show, or woke up 30 minutes early because exercise was one of your main priorities? When you look back at your life, will you regret not watching more television or will you wish you had made your health a priority?

Make a list of all the things that you do everyday no matter how tired you are or whatever obstacles occur. Common "musts" in your daily routine are: brushing your teeth, taking a shower, feeding your child, taking the dog out, and going to work. Exercise should rank #1 to keep you in good condition to be able to preserve yourself for the rest of your day. If exercise isn’t a main priority, then YOU aren’t your main priority.

 "If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another." - Yiddish Proverb