Take Me Home; Considering a Pet?

Pets such as dogs, cats or even a goldfish can provide many therapeutic and health benefits. Caring for a pet may even help you live longer but owning a pet isn’t for everyone.

Here are a few items to “chew over” before deciding:

  1. Cost. Pets need veterinary care and food. Consider the financial breakdown of the annual costs for caring for a variety of pets.
  2. Time. Dogs need the most time for getting proper exercise and socialization. Dogs are social animals and can develop behavior problems if left along for long hours. Cats require less time, but still need nurturing.
  3. Pets Allowed. Know your residences guidelines. Does homeowners insurance have breed restrictions or does rental allow or restrict pets.
  4. Any Allergies? There are no hypoallergenic pets. It’s a myth. 

If you are prepared for a lifetime commitment to the animal then it’s important to choose the best type of pet for your household’s lifestyle and energy level. Adopting a pet rather than buying costs less, gets you a healthy vetted pet, and most importantly saves a life.