Lighten Your Liquid

Liquid calories in alcohol, juices, sports drinks or sodas can have an enormous impact on our weight. Empty calories (those without nutrients) like soda and alcohol, do not make you feel full or produce satiety. They also do not contribute to your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Take a closer look at your liquids and consider swapping them for ice cold water.
The normal range for an appropriate meal is 400-700 calories. Below are the average calories in popular drinks. If you do the math, some of these drinks would put you over your calorie limit before you even took a bite of food:
• One glass of wine – 100 calories
• Coffee café Frappuccino – 470 calories
• Mixed drink – 300 or more calories
• 16 ounce latte with whole milk – 260 calories
• Average size margarita – more than 500 calories
The best way to avoid drinking large amounts of calories and sugar is to make water your drink of choice. Other suggestions are to:
• Sip on flavored teas
• Lighten coffee or tea with non-fat milk instead of creamer
• Add a slice of lemon or lime to sparkling water
• Choose 100% juice over 'fruit drink' or 'fruit beverage'