Mood Effects Decisions

Can you trust yourself to make a good decision? The most honest answer to this question is, it depends on what kind of mood you are in. Consumer researchers study and determine how people’s moods determine purchasing choices.  It pays to gain some insight to the emotions influencing our decision-making. 

Research suggest that emotions influence risky decision making that looks like this: 

  • Good Mood leads to avoiding risk, by eating healthier, choosing more secure plans, or 
  • Bad Mood is more likely to put self at risk, for example, signing for a risky loan, drinking heavily, or poor eating choices etc.  

The main point is when making decisions about what to have for dinner, buying a car, even whether to go to the gym, remember, logic isn’t necessarily in-charge. Never made important decisions when you are upset, angry, depressed or in the heat the moment. 

“Mood has to be controlled. Otherwise, it’s your master.”   Toba Beta