Understanding the Odds of Diabetes

Are you at risk for, or living with Diabetes? If you are, it’s possible that you don’t even know it. New alarming statistics about diabetes in America were recently released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Reading numbers and percentages alone isn’t very impactful.  The comparison chart below attempts to illustrate just how startling these stats are:  

Statistic   Diabetes Statistic  Comparable Statistic
1 out of every 4     People with Diabetes in the U.S. don’t know they have it. People who use social networking around the world.
1 out of every 11   People in the US have Diabetes.   Odds of winning a race with 11 horses.
Two times higher Medical costs for persons with diabetes.  The cost to eat out than to eat at home.*
50% higher  Risk of death for adults with Diabetes  The percentage of married couples in the U.S. that divorce.*

*American Psychological Association You can prevent or delay type 2 Diabetes by:

  • Eating well to achieve or maintain healthy weight. 
  • Not using tobacco. 
  • Add physical activity to your day.