Tips For A Healthy Vacation

Don’t let your vacation spoil your healthy lifestyle, and don’t let your healthy lifestyle spoil your vacation.

Travel often finds us in cities or countries with special food. Key lime pie in Key West, chocolate in Sweden, beignets in New Orleans - every city probably has its specialty. You have to try them but just remember - in moderation. Take part of that key lime pie back to your hotel for a snack later. Split the beignets with yourtraveling companion.

Remember, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Look for the healthy items on the menu - most restaurants have healthy eating offerings. Plan to keep your treats to one a day, and make an effort to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It will fill you up.

Being fit has a lot to do with keeping on the move. On vacation, you can do a lot of moving, and it won’t even seem like it’s exercise. Kayak down a river. Learn how to surf or snorkel. Hike in a nature park. Yoga is a whole different thing when you do it on a beach. Spend your vacation in a beautiful setting, such as the ocean, a lake or the mountains. All have plenty of places to walk or bicycle where you’ll be able to see amazing things and views that you would never see biking or walking at home.

Keep eating with moderation and moving, and you’ll have a great vacation.