Quench Your Thirst

When the temperatures rise, drinking enough water is critical. Whether you’re active outside or just sitting in the sun, stay hydrated to keep your blood pumping and your muscles working. Water is the one nutrient we can’t survive without for more than a few days.


- Sip throughout the day. Always keep a re-usable water bottle within arm’s reach.

- Eat water-rich foods like vegetables and fruit.

- Drink water before, during and after a work out.

- When feeling hungry, drink a glass of water.

- Drink fluid when thirsty.

More than half of your body is composed of water. On hot days, your body loses water through sweating. Replenishing your fluids will help your body continue critical functions so you can feel great and enjoy the day.

“Water is the driving force for all nature.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci