Choice Overload

We make thousands of choices every day, whether big or small we are constantly being made to make decisions. Each option we encounter creates a risk vs. rewards question. Your long term goal may be to save for a house, but the impulse to buy a big screen TV takes over. Why do we become indecisive or compulsive, even going against our better judgment? 

Consider walking past a candy store. There are lots of distracting things that you likely want. Candy! How do you control that part of your brain that wants the instant gratification? There is much to learn about how and why we make decisions. We do know that too many choices can be troublesome. 

If you find yourself making unhealthy choices because you are just plain tired of making decisions, you may be experiencing “choice fatigue.” Just try to simplify and limit the number of choices in front of you.

“We design our lives through the power of choices.”   Richard Bach