Kindenss of Strangers

Why not be the reason someone smiles today? Kindness and generosity are linked to greater life satisfaction, stronger relationships and better mental and physical health. Acts of kindness are powerful experiences that create moments of awe, wonder and a sense of “rightness,” which makes us feel immensely grateful to be alive.  

There are three potential positive effects from a random act of kindness:

  1. The positive effect on the recipient (the person who is having kindness bestowed upon them).
  2. The positive effect on the giver (the person performing the kind act).
  3. A passer-by (a person who happens to witness the experience).

Witnessing an act of kindness can lead to a renewed faith in human nature, a sense of sheer goodness, an increased desire to help someone and an increased sense of connection with others.

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” ~ Maya Angelou

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