Smart Patient

We all aim to stay healthy. Eating right, exercising and reducing stress are great ways to take charge of your health, but even the most health conscious person will eventually seek treatment. What happens when one does have to enter the medical system?

Navigate the health care system wisely by:

•  Having a primary care physician and building a relationship.

–  Take an active roll in your health care decisions by listening and asking questions.

–  Follow instructions the doctor gives you, including filling a prescription, scheduling tests or making another appointment.

–  Work with your physician for a wellness plan that fits your personal goals.

•  Learn as much as you can about your choices to make informed health decisions.

 – Know how to decide when you need to go to the emergency room instead of calling your doctor.

 – Compare options, and decide if the services or treatments in question are right for you.

 – Get the care you need, and say “no” to the care you don’t.

According to Healthwise, the best formula for making health decisions is to combine the most reliable medical facts with your personal feelings. Taking an active role in your health by making wise decisions will make you more likely to be happy with the care and results you receive.  

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