Give Generic Prescriptions A Chance

Some people think that because the generic costs less money than the brand name version, it must not be as good. They worry that the generic was made in a facility that isn’t as good or that it takes more time to start working than the brand name. Those people do not need to worry.

Generic drugs are almost the same. They have the same dosage, quality, intended use, effects and strength. They do look different because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires it. The FDA also requires that generics be as effective as brand names.

Why are generic drugs cheaper? It has nothing to do with the quality. They are cheaper because the brand names can have gone through years of research, development and actual making of the drug. When the patent expires, other manufacturers can apply to make and sell the drugs - without all the work done to get the original version on the market. More than one company can apply and receive approval, so competition can drive the prices even lower.

How much less are the costs? It’s been estimated that using generics can save you at least two-thirds of what you’re paying for brand names.When in doubt, ask your doctor. Your doctor is a good source for finding out if you can get a generic for the medication you are currently taking.

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