Decide Together

We go through life making decisions. From toddlers to seniors we decide on one thing or another every day. It’s easy when it’s just you making the decision, like what to have for lunch, but many decisions are made with others, from spouses to bosses, friends to doctors and children toparents. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Get Set – Identify the problem and agree on what your common goal is. Don’t bring up anything else, and don’t drift off to other decisions.

Seek Information – Avoid being attached to one outcome and discuss options together.

What to Say – Have a discussion that encourages expressing thoughts, feelings and opinions. Review the pros and cons.

What Not to Say – Don’t make demands. Don’t dominate the discussion or criticize.

Listen to Yourself – Monitor your tone of voice.

Collaborate to Make a Decision – No two people see a situation the same way.

“You cannot make progress without making decisions.”   Jim Rohn