To Seek or Not To Seek Medical Care

Have you ever had a sneeze or cough and searched the symptoms to figure out if it was the cold or the flu? Knowing when to call a doctor or using self-care tips at home is the most powerful knowledge you can leverage for your health.

Your Health Resources

  • Online Symptom Checkers. When it comes to health issues, many people turn online. These tools ask you a series of questions and give possible causes, plus actions to take such as call a doctor, visit the emergency room, or suggest self-care tips to try at home.
  • Nurse Call Lines. Often times your health insurance provider will have a 24 hour phone number that connects you to a nurse to triage you based on your symptoms. Check your plan summary documents or with your employer.
  • Questions to Ask the Doctor. Prepare for medical visits and procedures by having questions ready.

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”   Unknown

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