Mindful Walking

You don’t have to sit to meditate. Walking meditation can be a formal or informal practice to guide ourselves off the common autopilot type thinking that often consumes so much of our day. When you are walking, whether it’s outside, in a building or at home, pay attention and be fully aware of what is around you as you walk. Having even a few minutes to bring awareness to this simple action of walking will boost your mood and is much safer that walking distracted.

  1. Pay attention to the lifting and falling of your feet with each step. Notice any shifting in your body from the movement of your legs.
  2. Observe any sounds, smells or colors as you walk at a natural pace.
  3. Stay in the moment of open awareness of everything around you in the present moment. There is nothing that you need to do now except walk.
  4. Notice the movements of your body with each step and your feet on the ground.

“Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”   Unknown

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