Take A Tech Break

Are you addicted to your phone? The notifications of texts, tweets, likes and shares are flooding our brains with dopamine. It’s okay to enjoy social media and checking in to the virtual world, but know when it’s gone from mere social networking to alarming addition. Answer these questions honestly to help determine if lack of online engagement is leading to symptoms of withdrawal.

  1. Can you put the phone away for two hours and not think about it?
  2. If the phone is away do you feel like you’re missing something?
  3. Do you hide how much you use your phone?
  4. Are you using your phone as a distraction when bored or depressed?

Whether push notifications are putting you over the edge of information overload or technology distractions are a welcome pleasure center reward, weaning yourself off your devices can re-charge your mind. Turn off electronics for a short period each day to help clear your head andre-charge your batteries . . . figuratively speaking.