Option C: Avoiding Right and Wrong

When considering a decision, we usually divide it into two categories: the right choice and the wrong one. This type of decision making is limiting. If there isn’t a clear solution, it may be time to consider alternatives that fit with your priorities. Decide not to decide until the best path is presented.

Gain distance. Stop thinking about the problem for a short time and revisit the dilemma from a new direction.

Consider past solutions. Have you been in a similar situation in the past? Often one chooses the option that leads to instant gratification to avoid painful experiences.

Widen your options. Read and research the problem.

Consult others. Consider feedback from friends you trust who will be honest with you. Sometimes, the best solution to make the situation better is the one that makes you the most uncomfortable.

We all know what is best for ourselves, even in the times when we feel most confused.

“Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”   Keri Russell