Fresh Herbs

Store bought or picked from your garden, if you want to infuse your food with flavor, fresh herbs are the key. Even if you don’t have a green thumb or lots of space, you can easily grow a kitchen garden in pots. Herbs are among the easiest plants for beginners to grow.

The most common fresh herbs to cook with include:

Basil. Use in pasta sauce, make a pesto sauce, add as garnish to pizza, bruschetta or salad.

Chives. Chop fresh and add to baked potato.

Cilantro. Add to salsas, curries and pesto sauces.

Dill. Pairs beautifully with seafood, smoked salmon, potatoes and carrots.

Oregano. Mince into a marinade or stuff whole sprigs inside a chicken before roasting.

Parsley. Perk up salads and vegetable dishes with its delicate flavor.

Rosemary. You can stuff meat with sprigs or dice to add flavor.