Staying As Young As You Feel

We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re only as young as you feel!” However, some days, it may be difficult to feel good if you’re having a bad day or experiencing health related issues. Despite the situations, both mental and physical, that you may be facing, there are a few ways to keep your body and mind “young.”

Nutrition and exercise. Taking daily walks or doing pool workouts are great ways to get more gentle exercise. In addition, eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to stay away from things like alcohol or sugar, which depress your systems.

Learn new things. Learning new technologies or taking a class will keep your curiosity and thirst for knowledge alive. Learning a musical instrument will also carve new pathways in the brain.

Engage in social interaction. As we get older, we often prefer to stay at home. Not only is getting outside important, so is interacting with loved ones. This will keep you engaged mentally and emotionally. Take a walk with or catch up at the park with a friend or family member.

Meditation. It seems that meditation is medicine for just about anything. However, studies have actually shown that meditation keeps the brain young.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is key at any stage of life. As we age, we may gravitate towards more sedentary lifestyles. However, keeping active physically and mentally will keepus feeling young.