Your Appetite For Change

You have a massive say in the way you live your life, from how you manage your time to what you eat and drink. If you want to make a change, such as eating healthier, then you have to do more than try. It takes a mindset and willingness to alter what you eat. You can find power in assertive talk and dealing with the real circumstances that created roadblocks and effected your choices.


Blaming Other People:   My partner overeats at night and makes it too hard for me to resist.    Just because my partner makes a snack, doesn’t mean I have to eat it. I will take a bath.

My Neighborhood:   The nearest grocery with fresh fruits and vegetables is too far or it’s not in a safe area.   I have started a veggie garden in pots and buy frozen vegetables and fruit that I put in smoothies.

I’ve always been an emotional eater:   My parents fed me sweets when I was sad and I’m just wired to turn to food.   I see food as a comfort, but have found other ways to soothe myself during stressful times.

Outside Influences:   My work schedule is crazy and I don’thave time to eat healthy.   I spend a few hours on the weekend preparing health meals I can easily eat during the week.

Engage in life and with food from a new perspective and move forward by being willing to make the move to a healthier way of eating.