The No Complaint Workout

Whether you love or hate to exercise, daily physical activity is essential to your overall health and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases. If you want to reap all the positive benefits from improving your fitness levels, but find yourself complaining, try these simple positive thought strategies to shift your perspective:

  1. The But > Positive Technique. When complaining, you simply add the word but and then add a positive thought or action. Walking on the treadmill is boring but I’m using this time to listen to my favorite podcast that I never have time to finish.
  2. Focus on a “Get To” instead of “Have To”. You don’t have to work out, but get to be physically active. You get to live this life. You have the opportunity to visit a gym and use the equipment, to walk in a safe area with clean air to breathe and you are blessed with the physical ability to move your body.
  3. Turn Complaints into Solutions. Every complaint represents an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Thinking this workout is too hard, can be shifted into the positive that the challenge of the exercise will make you that much stronger.

“Complaining doesn’t help you make progress.”   ATGW