The Sleep Advantage

The quality and amount of sleep you get affects your ability to think and perform at your best. Prepare for the day ahead by getting a better night’s sleep. Unplug your mind, body and technology, hit the pillow and drift away to benefit your heart, weight,mind and more!

Try these simple tips to drift into dreamtime faster:

  1. Eat your largest meal mid-day between 10am-2pm. When you consume large amounts of food before bed, your digestive system has to work harder while your body should be resting.
  2. Make a to-do list. When your mind is focused on the future, it creates a feeling of unease. Let go of your mental to-do list by writing it down and detaching.
  3. Let it be dark. Light from television or other devices interrupt sleep.

When you sleep well you are healthier and happier. Better sleep leads to a better life.