Denial OR Reality?

Denial can be a defense mechanism or an adaptive, protective shield that allows us time to cope with difficult situations or losses. Used at the right time and in appropriate measures, denial can pad the blows of painful emotions to enable functioning before a healthy dose of reality for good problem solving and healthy adjustment.

When denial is taken too far, it prevents us from being able to cope with a real threat and works against us. There is a time to dig deeper and face up to the pain of reality in order to heal.

Unhealthy Denial                                                                   Repairing Reality

Cuts off information needed for problem solving.                      Brings long-term relief of pain.

Makes you more defensive.                                                        Acknowledges facts and feelings.

Makes you vulnerable to addictions as a means of escape.         Puts you in touch with your emotional struggle to address the real issues.

Alienates you from available support.                                         Allows more effective problem solving.

Keeps you stuck in an unreal world.                                           Facilitates real healing.

Begin now to choose reality. Though denial may give temporary false comfort, know that knowledge ultimately makes you stronger.