Healthy Love

The idea that true love conquers all comes from and should stay in the storybooks. Love in and of itself, is usually not enough. Healthy relationships and enduring love come from two healthy, whole people.

HEALTHY LOVE IS NOT...                                                                                                                   HEALTHY LOVE IS...

Two halves making a whole, completing one another or one person satisfying another’s needs               Mutual balance of give and take

Total involvement, neglect of interests and old friends                                                                             Separate interests, maintain other meaningful relationships

Attraction and obsession                                                                                                                          Development of self-priority first

Preoccupation with other’s behavior                                                                                                         Encouragement of each other's continued growth

Possessiveness or jealousy                                                                                                                       Appropriate trust

Blaming, passive or aggressive manipulation                                                                                            Compromise and negotiation


Love is not supposed to be painful. See relationships not as a goal, but as an opportunity for growth.