Fitness Adventure

Sometimes motivation to exercise can fizzle and sputter out. That’s when a sense of adventure can inspire something new. You don’t have to climb mountains or go skydiving to have a fulfilling adventure. Whether wandering through a woodland path, taking a leisurely walk on a nature trail or biking to the store, simply mixing things up by trying new approaches, propels us toward new experiences.

Adventure is about embracing the unexpected and letting things come to us. Time to explore and think is good for the mind and the body. By embracing adventure, you will likely stumble on new and creative ways to move and play.

  • Take a class related to an outdoor skill, hobby or interest such as gardening, hiking safety or survival skills.
  • Visit a new park each weekend in the spring.
  • Plan an active vacation to a place you’ve never been before.

So embrace your spirit for adventure and let it motivate you to explore new paths, experiences and ways to be active and feel more alive.

“Oh, the places you’ll go.”   Dr. Seuss