Hot Summer Style

The sun is hot, but skin cancer is NOT! To keep your skin looking young and reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, painful sunburn or premature wrinkles treat yourself to sun protective clothing. There is a wide variety of stylish clothing and swimwear that allows you to safely enjoy the beautiful summer days in style.

Treat yourself to sun protection clothing. Choosing clothing that has been designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its Ultraviolet ProtectionFactor (UPF) can give you greater control over your overall sun exposure.

 A few things to look for include:

  • A higher UPF rating number to get better sun protection. UPF is the rating system for fabric, similar to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating system used for sun screen products.
  • Extended coverage. Some shirts have flip-up sun collars and hats with brims and neck capes.
  • Looser fitting garments. Fabric that is stretched can become less effective at blocking UV light.
  • Quick drying fabric. Wetness causes a reduction in UV protection, so the quicker it dries the sooner you are fully protected again.

Enjoy the great outdoors and be smart when basking in the warm glow of the sun.