Portion Impossible

Thanksgiving dinner can leave more than just the turkey stuffed. Indulging in favorite holiday foods just one day isn’t so bad if you eat a balanced diet most days of the year. Overeating regularly can stretch your stomach’s capacity. Being mindful about the serving sizes you put on your plate is one of the best things you can do for healthy weight management.

This turkey day, select healthy portions of your favorite foods and always fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Before piling on the fixins, reference these healthy portions of traditional holiday foods:

Foods                         Serving Size           About the Size of:

Turkey (white meat)    3 ounces               Deck of cards

Gravy                          ¼ cup                    Golf ball

Mashed potatoes        ½ cup                    Half a tennis ball

Stuffing                      ½ cup                     Ice cream scoop

Cranberry sauce         ¼ cup                     Golf ball

Pie                             ⅛ of a 9” pie           Light bulb