Listen Deep

If you have ever spoken to someone who you felt was interested in every word you said, made you feel understood and validated, then it’s likely they were deep listening. Now imagine how much more you would open up and share your thoughts earnestly and honestly with this person.

Deep listening is a powerful communication tool. It is a skill that you can practice that allows you to fully absorb what the other person is saying. The other person will more likely feel heard, understood and important. This type of listening is more than just staying quiet while your conversation partner speaks, but also involves these four principles:

Maintain eye contact to show that you are interested in what they are saying.

Be truly present, not allowing your mind to shift away from the conversation.

Give nonverbal feedback by offering the occasional nod, smile, or recognition showing your interest.

Position your body so that you are slightly leaning in toward them.

Source: Jan Hargrave