When To Trust

Trust is a firm belief in reliability, truth, ability, or strength of something or someone. Building trust takes time. So how can we know who or what to trust when we are so used to instant gratification? Worry and fear can alter our perceptions until we lose all sense of reality. So what can build confidence and knowledge in what or who to trust? The truth is, there are no guarantees and trust is never without risk.

Here are a few traits to help gauge trustworthiness in people:

Credibility. Is this person or organization transparent?

Reliability. There is nothing like experience. Has this person done what they have said they will do repeatedly?

Intimacy. Do you feel heard and understood? Does communication seem one-sided?

Focus. Whose interests do they seem to have at heart?

Reciprocity. Your own willingness to trust can impact other’s behavior.

The question of who to trust, will always be out there for speculation, and there is no magic way of knowing. If someone is intent on misleading you, they can pretend all of the above. Actions speak for themselves. The best way to discover if you can trust someone is to use your best judgement and behave in a trustworthy matter yourself.


“The fastest way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him.”   Henry L. Stimson