Rescue From Regret

It can be difficult to make decisions when filled with regret. Regret arises when we believe that a different path might have led to a better outcome. Whether related to love and relationships, work or any other choices, the more something matters to us, the greater the fear of making the “wrong” decision. The emotion of regret can be most painful when we blame ourselves, rather than circumstances.

Regret = Rumination + Self-blame.

Intense emotions like regret can be confusing. Letting go of self-blame and replacing it with self-compassion actually leads to taking more personal responsibility after a negative event. A dose of compassion is helpful to move through regret to self-improvement. 

Even when we face serious consequences as a result of our actions, we need to release our regret, and turn towards coping and embracing our life as it is.

“We can learn from our past and treat our mistakes and ourselves with kindness.”   Jennifer Taitz