Step Right Up.

Stairs are everywhere and can easily be embraced as an option for getting in shape. Stairs provide an unusual but effective opportunity for exercise. Many athletes often use stadium steps for workouts. Stair climbing benefits allow maximum value in minimum time with low impact and allows you to burn more calories per minute than most other forms of exercise. Using the stairs is a hassle free way to incorporate physical activity into your day. Stair climbing doesn’t require any special skills, equipment or clothing, but remember to hold the handrail.

Other great reasons to take the stairs are:

  • Climbing two flights of stairs a day could result in a weight loss of 6 pounds per year.
  • Taking the stairs is often faster than waiting for an elevator during peak hours.
  • Spread at intervals throughout the day, small amounts of physical activity, such as one stairway at a time contributes to the recommended 30 minutes of exercise that can add years to your life.

Try wearing a pedometer to track your steps and accommodate with other activity on days your steps have been lower.

"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score."   Bill Copeland