Fruit For Dessert

Who doesn’t want dessert? That scrumptiously sweet dish served at the end of the meal that lingers like a promise through dinner. If you are one of the many people who live with a sweet tooth, try fruit as a delectable treat to satisfy your craving for dessert. Enjoying fruit by itself such as a bowl of strawberries, sliced melon or even peeling a juicy orange can be satisfying. Appreciating the natural sweetness of fruit is a delicious way to get more antioxidants into your diet. Adding just a little spice or sweetener can go a long way to turn plain fruit into a new treat.

A few ideas are:

  • Toss fresh berries with a little bit of sugar and a splash of citrus juice
  • Make a parfait with nonfat yogurt and your favorite fruit such as pineapple and raspberries.
  • Peel an orange and add a dash of cinnamon.
  • Warm cherries with ricotta cheese and toasted almonds.
  • Bake half an apple and top with oats, cinnamon and a little brown sugar.