Drink Smart

Spring is a good time to have fun with friends and family and make unforgettable memories. A lot of social events involve or even revolve around alcohol. Time magazine reports that 40% of all beer sold in the U.S. is consumed from May to August.

This season, if you’re thinking of over imbibing in the warm weather, give some thought to these reasons why you should limit or avoid alcohol:

  • Drinking in warm weather can leave you dehydrated.
  • Alcohol impairs judgement.
  • Alcohol slows down reflexes, alters balance and coordination, causing accidents.
  • Excess calories from alcohol can lead to weight gain.

Think Before You Drink

  • If you will be driving a car or boat, be safe and don't drink.
  • Eat food while drinking. Food helps to slow the effects of alcohol.
  • Drink water. If you choose to drink alcohol stay hydrated and have a large glass of water after each alcoholic drink.

"One of the reasons I don’t drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time."   Lady Astor