Proper Footwear

When exercising a lot of strain and impact is absorbed by your feet. It’s important to take proper care of your feet. The right footwear will help prevent injuries, stimulate correct technique and avoid blisters. Exercise shoes affect your whole body.

Tips to Finding A Great Fitting Pair When looking at shoes:

  • Go for a pair that are durable and will last for a long time.
  • Know your shoe size or get measured to ensure a proper fit. If the shoe doesn’t fit properly, it is likely to cause pain.
  • Go with shoes with a strong supportive sole, so that the risk of injury due to slipping is minimized.
  • Make sure toes have plenty of room. There should be space for a thumb width between the shoe and your big toe.
  • Walk around in the shoes for a while to make sure they really feel comfortable. Shoes shouldn’t need breaking in.
  • Your heels should fit closely without slipping.
  • Shop in the afternoon as feet swell a little during the day.
  • Try on both shoes as feet can be different sizes.

The Right Shoe

No single pair of shoes is right for all activities. Cross training shoes are best for weight training and low impact activities. Running requires a running shoe so your feet will have enough support. If you participate in sports, you will want a sport- specific shoe to minimize risk of injury, such as basketball, golf, football, etc.