Identity Theft

Being aware of the most common way thieves steal your identity can help you to be careful so that you are a more difficult target.

Here are 5 areas to zoom in on to protect yourself:

  1. Skimming, Reading from ATMs or Gas Stations They makes 2 copies - 1 to the store, one to the thief. Use secure ATM’s inside the bank or in high traffic areas. Carefully moniter your credit card and bank statements for anything that looks suspicious.
  2. Medical Identification Theft-They access your health benefits. Careful who you give your social security number to. Look over EOBs (Explanation of Benefit Forms) that come from the insurance company. Shred all medical documents before throwing them away.
  3. Social Network Abuse- Don’t give clues to ID thieves. Keep personal information private. Limit personal information posted. Beware of sites asking you to add personal information.
  4. Family and Friends- Don’t leave your wallet or purse where others can get it.
  5. Dumpster Diving- Shred all information, credit card statements, etc. Crooks can paste together pieces when you just tear it up.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."   Judy Garland