Fast Food TIPS

When you are hungry, and I mean haven’t eaten for hours hungry, or missed breakfast and are stomach rumbling hungry, you have left yourself vulnerable to quick and easy fast foods that are almost always high in calories, fat, sugar and salt. True, many restaurants are offering low-calorie choices instead, but even with these changes, the selection is limited, and when you are already ravenous, it’s very hard to choose the healthy option. There is a lot you can do to avoid temptation in this situation:

  1. Always eat breakfast. Ever notice that when you have good breakfast high in protein, like eggs, that you are satisfied much longer?
  2. Plan so you can have a hearty healthy snacks like cottage cheese and fruit, so you don't wait too long to eat.
  3. If you do eat at a fast food restaurant, choose one that offers salads, soups and vegetables.
  4. Avoid the high-fat salad items such as dressing, bacon bits, and shredded cheese. Ask for low-fat or fat-free dressing.
  5. Choose the sandwich options that are junior size or lean meats, such as chicken. Pile on lettuce tomato and onion, but skip the mayo, cheese and anything breaded. 
  6. Ask for a baked potato or salad instead of french fries.  

Many fast food places now have nutrition information posted or available if you ask for it, but it’s still hard to resist the aroma of burgers and fries. When you are out and hungry, remember that the grocery store can be a cheap and tasty place to get a quick, healthy meal.