KICKBOXING Packing More Punch with an All-Over Workout

If you need a little kick to get out of an exercise rut, why not give cardio kickboxing a try? Cardio kickboxing is a total body workout that can increase stamina, flexibility and strength. Cardio kickboxing’s origins can be traced back to martial arts. However, today’s kickboxing workouts are non-contact, and consist of a combination of moves from karate, boxing and aerobics. It’s now a popular form of exercise, with classes offered in about any athletic club, community or recreational center.

Getting Started - Start slow. Just about anyone can do kickboxing, however just like any new physical activity, it’s important to gradually get into it. If you are new to exercise, observe first then try out a beginner class.

Bring a water bottle and have a towel handy. Kickboxing is considered a high impact workout, so hydration is important to replace water lost through sweat.

What to Expect - You’ll be introduced to jabs, punches, and kicks, including the roundhouse kick, side kick and front kick, usually to the beat of an energizing playlist of songs.

Wear comfortable clothes. Ideally, your attire should allow freedom of movement and provide good coverage. For example wear short sleeved, fitted shirts or tanks paired with fitted pants or shorts. Use cross-training shoes, unless the classes are done on mats, in which case no shoes are needed.

Each kick targets different muscles. Punching is an additional arm and shoulder workout. A typical kickboxing class includes a 10-minute warm-up with 30 minutes of kicks and punches. Sometimes you will be using punching bags, jump ropes, and other equipment. At the end there is stretching for injury prevention. Benefits – Cardio kickboxing will burn 350-450 calories per hour. You’ll find marked improvement in balance, flexibility, and endurance. In addition, kickboxing provides an incredible release that can muscle out stress and you will learn valuable self-defense moves. What are you waiting for? Go out and get kickin’!

"My computer beat me at checkers, but I sure beat it at kickboxing."   Emo Phillips