Holiday Cheer or Buyer’s Remorse!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but in the store it’s so delightful. I’ll buy much more than I should though, even if I don’t have much dough!"

Shopping is influenced by several subconscious appeals to consumers. Even that holiday music playing in the background that makes one feel the holiday spirit will influence how much shoppers like the products they see.

So how can you stop yourself from spending over budget this season?

  • Know the psychological triggers that lead to extra purchases. Get through the stores quickly.
  • Pay attention to the music being played. The slower tempo of the music has shoppers walking slower through the stores, this increases how much they buy.
  • Walk faster through the aisles and you won’t buy as much.
  • Don’t be swayed into one more purchase.
  • Declaring a sale is ending soon, or a free gift with purchase, may tempt you to spend more to get a freebie on an item that you wouldn’t have otherwise bought.
  • Beware of the aisles near the register. The '"impulse" buy items are often stocked near the register and give you that, "I have to have it" feeling.
  • The mood people are in when making financial decisions influences the decisions they make. Sticking to your list and budget now, will save you from suffering buyer’s remorse later.

"A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need."   Sidney Carroll