What Do You Like To Do?

When it comes to getting more physical activity, many people will ask, what should I do? The real question is, "What do you like to do?" Finding activities that get you moving should be things that you actually enjoy doing, otherwise, why would you keep doing it?

It’s not uncommon to dread exercise in general, but what about all those games and activities that kept you busy as a kid like, hopscotch, the swings, baseball games, monkey bars, and even tag. As adults our interests changed to more sedentary pleasures like TV, going out to eat or seeing movies, nothing that is good for our bodies like play. So how can you work physical fun back into your life?

Think about what you like to do and give it a try. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Ride bikes
  • Swim
  • Listen to music
  • Dance
  • Have a game night with friends and family
  • Spend time with pets
  • Play with the kids
  • Walk the mall

"Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health - it rusts your spirit and your hips."   Terri Guillemets