How To Monitor Exercises and Why It Matters!

Monitored measurements are provided to inform us of our performance, so we can make adjustments if needed. In school, we were graded on assignments, at work we receive annual performance evaluations, and we have speedometers to inform us of how fast we are driving in our vehicles. Exercising is no different. To get the results you want, you need to know how hard you are working and if you are training at the right intensity.

The monitored measurement depends on the type of cardio or strength exercise. If you are training your cardiovascular system, it is best to measure your heart rate. The faster your heart is beating, the greater the intensity of the activity (harder you are working). Advances in technology have made heart rate monitors easy to find and far more affordable than they were 10 years ago.

Use a heart rate monitor to help assure you are exercising at an adequate pace. Measuring your heart rate provides you with a window into your cardiovascular system, so you can see how it is responding. Don’t waste your time training at an inappropriate intensity. Measure your heart rate during any form of cardiovascular training to assure your training gets an A+ each time.