Antibiotic Resistance

To fix a problem, it is best to understand it. A windy day makes it harder to fight a forest fire because oxygen feeds flames and makes it burn hotter, while the breeze spreads it faster. To extinguish a fire, starve it of oxygen by smothering it.


Let’s take a look at bacteria, which are just single cell microorganisms. They live everywhere and in everything and in fact, have more biomass on our planet than all humans, plants and animals combined! Most are beneficial while some are bad for us, causing respiratory infections and other ailments.


A virus, on the other hand, is 100 times smaller and can even infect a bacteria. A virus can cause the common cold with flu-like symptoms. When you have the common cold, taking an antibiotic makes things worse. The antibiotic has no bad bacteria to fight, so it just mingles with the good bacteria in our systems.

Putting antibiotics into people too often has caused many bacteria to change and become resistant to the antibiotic medicines we have produced. This is a big problem, as we now have new mutated bacteria that cannot be treated by existing antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot hurt a virus at all...just weakening our immune systems and adding fuel to the fire.